A Writing Blog Tour!

Hello, All! Happy Wednesday!
There are many cool things about being one of Carrie Howland’s clients. First of all, she’s pretty awesome. Second of all, she has other awesome clients. One of those aforementioned awesome clients is Melissa Gorzelancyzk (I’ve hit my ‘awesome’ quota for this post, I promise. The rest of the awesome is henceforth implied). Her book, ARROWS, is forthcoming from Randomhouse/ Delacorte Press in 2016.
It’s pretty cool, guys. It’s the story of Aaryn, a wayward cupid, and Karma, a dance prodigy whose desitny is derailed by the power of a single arrow. If you want to know more about her (and I would recommend it, cause she’s pretty great), you can check out her website here: www.melissagorzelanczyk.com.
Or, visit her Goodreads page here.
Melissa asked if I’d be willing to be part of a blog tour, which is basically a where a bunch of writer’s write about their processes and share with other writers. She gave me these questions, and I shall do my best to answer them.
What are you working on? Currently, I am revising/editing my YA manuscript, Bloodburner. It’s about Ember, a cutter who finds out she has dangerously magical blood that could re-ignite a centuries-long war. Armed with some spot-on notes from Carrie and her lovely assistant Susan, I am looking to be finished in the next couple of days. (Fingers crossed).
How does your work differ from others of its genre? I think my writing is different because it’s a fantastical take on a mental battle. It addresses both cutting and a fantastical conflict in the same story. But I’m also a romantic at heart and love a good adventure, so there’s a boy and a quest, of course. I love stories that are full of darkness, sexual tension, high stakes, and redemption. My writing as been described as part of the  “glitter and blood” genre. Not quite sure what that means, but I think I like it.
Why do you write what you do? I write what I write because I love virtue, but I think it’s packaged too neatly nowadays. I find that discouraging. We all have secrets, we all have dirty parts of ourselves that we don’t want shown – but grace is only grace because we get dirty. True love is only true love because we’ve seen the cheap copies. My characters have been knocking around my mind for some time now. I guess I didn’t want to show them because I was worried about how they’d be received. It took a while for me to embrace the idea of telling the whole story: stolen kisses, shameful secrets, scars, forgiveness…everything.
How does your writing process work? I usually write the first scene as it comes to my mind. The first scene of Bloodburner is actually the only scene that hasn’t really changed, thus far. Then, I sit down with my handy-dandy white board and write down every scene that needs to happen. Again, these will change as the story progresses (hence, the white board. There is something very discouraging about crumpling paper). Then, I write the first draft. It usually takes me about six to eight weeks to write a manuscript once I’ve mapped out the story. Then there’s the brief euphoria that comes with finishing the first draft.
Then there is the realization that the first draft is only the beginning. At this point, I set it aside for a couple of weeks. When I re-read it, I spend most of the time face-palming over simple mistakes. I map out changes that need to be made. This is where the process has shifted in the past year. Before, I would re-read and re-read again, trying to catch the mistakes myself. Now, I get to send drafts to Carrie, which is awesome (sorry. One more awesome).
She and Susan give me notes, and I revise.
On a daily basis, my writing process starts at 5am. I write until my daughter wakes up. Then, we make the day work. My husband is getting his PhD and is writing his dissertation, and I’m doing revisions. We also have a one year-old, so it’s a constant balance. We have a lot of loving family that love to watch the baby, so that helps. I take what time I can, slip on some headphones, blast some Tove Lo or Two Steps, and disappear.
Thanks to the wonderful Melissa for inviting me to this blog tour! All this writing makes me want to…write.
Which I shall now go do!

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