I’ve crawled out of the hole I’ve been in for the past week, dusted candy wrappers of m’self, and slunk over to the blog for one reason and one reason only.


I was tagged by my awesome agent sister, Rachel Simon, and now I get to participate in this awesome blog update.

What is it? Well. Basically, I go to the seventh page of my book, to the seventh line, and put seven lines up on the blog.

So here we are. I’m going to give you a sneak peak.


Context – this is the prologue. It’s the night of The Truce, and the war between our world and the mysterious Realm is almost over. Both sides have until midnight to call their soldiers home.

Ember is home with her mother, watching a movie and waiting 12:00.


I dozed off. When I woke, the credits were rolling on the screen, and my mom was curled up next to me.
The lights flickered once.
Then went out.
I wanted to believe it was the storm that knocked out the power. The rain was coming down hard – it would’ve been an easy explanation.

Every house had two back-up generators. A Reaper’s power could knock out one, but I’d never heard of them knocking out two at once. It was just the rain, I told myself. Lightning hit a power line.

The floodlights in front of Elijah’s house cast an eerie glow in through the front windows. A power line would’ve knocked out more power than just our house. Panic flexed in my chest as the darkness around my mom and I deepened.


duhn duhn DUHN!!!! So it’s scary and rainy and kick-ass (if I say so myself – two months on this effing scene… it should be kick-ass) and I’m thooper stoked for you all to read the finished thing.

Thesis is due Friday. Can’t wait for all the things I love to actually be part of my life again. Imma write for hours and finish these edits, catch up on Supernatural (all nine seasons, obvi), dance to TSwift’s new album, and maybe even shower. In that order.



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