Bloodburner is the main focus, right now.

What’s it about? Well, I’m happy you asked!

Short version:  A high school girl finds out her blood could reignite an old war between worlds, a realization complicated by the fact that she is a cutter.

Long version:

Ember Monroe finds that if she tears at her skin, she can tear down the world. She’s a cutter – the freak that has a standing appointment with the school counselor to have her arms checked. But high school just got a lot worse, because her blood doesn’t just stain her sleeves anymore. Something changed the day her mother disappeared, and now she’s more than a self-harmer.

She’s a Bloodburner.

The addiction that gave her an inch-thick psych file now gives her the power to travel through the closed border between this world and the Realm—a place full of shimmer and darkness that once enticed Mortals to visit in exchange for a day of life. As entire lives were lost to the Realm, a bloody war broke out that ended in an uneasy truce and the sealing of the border between the worlds. Ember’s ability to cut across this border is a power that vengeful Mortals and Realmers alike would kill for – a power that could reignite the war. For Ember, it’s the key to finding out what happened to her mom.

Ignoring every lesson she’s ever learned in her mandatory “Mortal and Realm Relations” class and knowing full well that slicing into the Realm could land her a one-way ticket to Bridgeview Rehabilitation Center, Ember carves her way to answers about her mother.

When she meets a Realmer who promises to return her mom’s life in exchange for her help, Ember must decide if she can trust a world she was taught to fear. As both sides vie for the magic in her veins and old fury smolders along the edge of her world, Ember realizes the line between right and wrong is not as stark as the lines on her wrists.

Yes, it’s about cutting. Yes, it’s a bit dark, at times. But my main focus is not the sickness, but the beauty of healing. I’m hoping Bloodburner can give a new perspective through which to view the issue of self-harm.


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